Many have tried to conquer the world.  All have failed. World domination has never been achieved.  People have used great armies, threats and campaigns of fear.  They have used navies, air forces and marines.  All have failed, in part, because they failed to capture the hearts of the people.

Nobody has ever used love in their world conquest – till now.  Love will eventually conquer all, and that is what God is going to use to win the world over.  He is going to capture the hearts of every human on the planet Earth, by pouring out his love on the earth.

The Book of Revelation states that God will pour out his wrath on the Earth.  It states that there will be a great Tribulation and over 5 billion of his children will be lost.  When He gave that to John, it was the revelation of a hurt and angry Father.  His anger has subsided, and his love will prevail.  He has changed his mind.  He has come to realize that man’s sinful nature is a result of man’s distance, both spiritual and physical, from Him.  He realizes that most people are seeking God in one way or another, but for various reasons, are not finding him.  He realizes that all men have a deep desire to do good and to love, but is buried so deep in some, that it seems lost.

His new plan is set to begin, and could start any day now.  Here is the plan:  He is going to start by healing every child on the planet.  Every child who has a chronic disease, disability, birth defects or injuries will be healed in one night.  Food will be put out for feeding the hungry and starving children.  It will be put out in strategic locations all over the earth, by angels of the Lord.  It will be replenished whenever necessary.  Stern warnings will be given to certain world leaders that the food is for the children.

At this time, all demons will be removed from the Earth.

Then, every person who has prayed for their healing, but has not yet been healed, will be healed. This will happen on the same night that the children are healed.

About a week later, God will begin ridding the Earth of disease and pain.  Every day, a disease will be removed from the earth.  Hiv/Aids, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, MS, Arthritis, Malaria, Lupus – every disease and illness known to man will be completely removed.  Paralysis and amputations will be healed – limbs will grow back. Those in Coma’s will suddenly wake up.  This process will take about three months.

God is going to heal the environment that we have been trying to destroy.  The ozone will be replenished and the progress of global warming will be reversed.  Weather patterns will be changed and deserts will get rain and turn green.  All agricultural areas of the earth will double and triple their production of food. Native fish will be replenished in seas, lakes and streams. Famine and starvation will end.

All natural disasters will be prevented.  Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, tsunamis and every other natural disaster will end.

The financial condition that we are currently in will be reversed as money will be poured into the system and funneled to those who truly need it.

There will be a transfer of wealth as hundreds of billions of dollars, currently in banks and doing nothing, will be put into programs to help the poor and needy.

All of the weapons of the following countries will be destroyed: Afghanistan, Algeria, Chad, China, Columbia, Cuba, Ghana, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam, and all republics of the former Soviet Union.

Then a team of God’s chosen will go out and teach the entire world about the one and only god, the god who loves them.  They will go out under the full power of God (nobody will be able to hinder or stop them) and will go into every country.

The result will be every human on this planet will know The Lord God of Israel as their god.  Every one will desire to come to him, and every one will be loved as a lost child who has returned.  All will be taught, and will embrace living a life of kindness.  Wars and conflicts will end.  Famine and hunger will end.  Pain and suffering will end. Love will prevail and the world will be as God had intended it to be.

Within ten years the world will be as one.